question_answer FAQs

  1. What exactly is FPMG?
    FPMG stands for Form & PHP/MySQL Generator. It is a free online tool that you can use for your Web Design/Web Development projects, although it is much oriented towards Website Development. It lets you instantly generate the HTML form, PHP & MySQL code that you can simply copy and paste in your own projects, thereby saving you tons of time.
  2. How exactly does it help?
    It so happens that in almost every PHP/MySQL based websites, there could be use for a number of forms, ranging from simple to complex. Designing all of these forms from scratch, implementing them, collecting POST information in PHP & then processing this info in MySQL, for different statements can consume immense amount of time and could get repetitive and boring. FPMG is a free online tool, that lets you reduce the repetition associated with setting up a the forms and the related PHP/MySQL code for the form processing. You will be able to generate forms instantly that are accessible to W3 standards! And the best part is, - it's completely free to use.
  3. So what does it generate?
    FPMG generates the following code/files:
    • HTML form
    • Sample CSS
    • PHP Variables
    • MySQL code
    • Files Download option
  4. Who can use it?
    This tool can be utilized to its full potential by Website Developers and even Website Designers. Professional who have been hired for both Website Design & Website Development projects will find the tremendous use of this tool as it automatically generates the HTML form, PHP & MySQL with minimal HTML input.
  5. Are there any prerequisites?
    As such, you will need basic knowledge of HTML to be able to generate the HTML form. The tool automatically generates the PHP & MySQL code associated with the basic MySQL queries (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE). In order to use this generated PHP & MySQL code in your own project, you need to have a basic knowledge of PHP & MySQL.
  6. Where can this be used?
    You can use this tool in any Website Design & Website Development project.
  7. What does this tool, not do?

    Although the tool simplifies your work to a great extent and saves a lot of your time, here are some of the limitations:

    • It does NOT escape input when processing the queries. You will have to do this yourself.
    • It does NOT handle the logic behind file uploads.
      If you have any suggestions on how this can be improved, please let us know by clicking here.
  8. Can I simply copy and paste and/or include the scripts generated by this tool?
    Yes, although you could do that, as stated earlier, the tool does NOT escape input when processing the queries. Without escaping input, there is high risk that the website may be hacked/deleted by a hacker. Hence we strongly suggest you escape the input on your own. Different developers have their own way of cleaning & escaping input, hence we did not do it ourselves. We may however, consider doing this to make the process even more easier if we get enough requests to include the feature of escaping input. If you would like to request this feature, click here to do so.
  9. Is there anything else that I need to be aware of with regards to the queries generated?

    Yes, you will need to manually change the column name and the variable in the WHERE clause, if you generate the UPDATE & DELETE statements. A placeholder text will be used ( WHERE col = val ) in the generated statements and you may edit this to suit your purpose. If you have a suggestion that you would like to give us to improve this feature, you can do so by clicking here.

    Also, we have taken every possible care we could, to make sure that the tool remains bug free. Its possible that a bug or two may have gone unnoticed by us. If any of our visitors, such as yourself, comes across a bug, then you may report it by clicking the Contact Us" page at the top or by clicking here. We will try our best to fix the bug and update the tool ASAP. Your cooperation in this regard would be much appreciated.

  10. How much does it cost?
    Its absolutely free of charge!
  11. Sounds interesting! But this is the first time I am about to try your tool and the interface in confusing. Can you help?
    We figured that you might want to use a little help to get yourself acquainted with the tool. As such, you can find a full blown example by visiting the "Examples" link at the top or by clicking here.
  12. How do I contact support?
    As this is a free tool, we cannot promise that we will be able to respond to all the queries we receive. However, if you need to hire a website designer or a website developer for your project, we can arrange for the same. You may also send us your Feedback / Comments / Feature Requests by visiting the "Contact Us" page at the top or by clicking here.
  13. I really like FPMG. How can I promote it?
    You can promote FPMG by referring to others by:
  14. I have bunch of ideas that I would like to share to improve the tool. How do I share with you?
    At any time, you may click on Contact Us page at the top or by clicking here.