MySQL Query Builder

Are you looking for a MySql Query Builder to build your MySQL Query online? In this article, I will share you a very easy and simple way to generate any/all of your MySQL queries online instantly for Free!

MySQL & MySQL Queries

MySQL is a very popular open source database server today. It is commonly used along with PHP to create dynamic websites and web applications. A MySQL Query is a command that one would write to perform an action on a database. In general sense, the result of this action could be one of the following:

  • Create a new entry in database
  • Read an existing entry from database
  • Update an existing entry in database
  • Delete an existing entry from database

In order to perform any or all of the above actions, one would have to write something called as “MySQL Query“. When a MySQL query is run, it performs that specific action against the database to achieve certain business goal. In order for this process to run smoothly, it is very important to write correct and exact MySQL queries. If a mistake happens or an incorrect query is written, then it could result in failed operations or even worse, wrong database operations. This can also result in huge data loss and very unpredicatable results. So what to do? Is all hope lost? Nope, “MySQL Query Builder” to the rescue!!!

MySQL Query Builder: How it can help?

MysQL Queries can be hard to memorize and even harder to master! One learns and masters them overtime with adequate hands-on experience. A new developer generally makes unintentional mistakes at one point of time or another. In order to avoid this, it would be worthwhile and safe to generate MySQL Queries using a MySQL Query Builder. An experienced developer or an expert can use MySQL Query Builder to improve productivity by generating MySQL Queries automatically for use.

Considering the types of users as mentioned above, we have created a free MySQL Query Builder that helps generate MySQL Queries for Free! The Free MySQL Query Builder will help you generate any queries that you would need to write. Enter the values for the query that you intend to generate, click a button and the corresponding MySQL Query will be built automatically for you. You may then either run this query directly inside of the MySQL terminal and/or use it along with PHP code to perform actions on the database.

What are you waiting for? Simply head over to Free MySQL Query Builder and start generating MySQL Queries for free! Feel free to navigate through the links in the Sidebar to generate a query that is appropriate for you! All this for Free!

Over to you now

Have you tried out the Free MySQL Query Builder? If so, let us know your thoughts on the same by leaving a comment below.

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    cool project and very helpful, but it’s using mysql instead of mysqli. Would be awesome if you update it to mysqli since mysql isnt supported anymore in PHP7.